What are the benefits of Red Light Therapy and Sunlighten?

When you want all the health benefits infrared and red light provide, you need a heater that can manage all of the wavelengths. Red/near, mid and far each interact differently with our bodies, and provide different benefits.

Sunlighten developed a unique technology that combines two heating elements and an LED light panel in one sauna heater. Allowing these three peak wavelengths to you used at the same time.

✓ Anti-ageing

✓ Detoxification

✓ Heart Health

✓ Immunity

✓ Muscle Recovery

✓ Relaxation

✓ Sleep

✓ Weight-loss

✓ Muscle Recovery

✓ Pain Relief

✓ Lower Blood Pressure

✓ Improved Circulation

✓ Skin Purifications

✓ Wound Healing

✓ Cell health



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