A personal monitoring and tracking system

The REBALANCE® indices have been developed to help users identify which sessions are the most beneficial to them. The psychological and neurophysiological responses for each session are expressed as follows:

•  Your stress level, mood, drowsiness, wakefulness, and muscle aches and pains are rated on scientifically proven Visual Analog Scales: Feelingback®. 

•  Your brainwaves are recorded in real time via a Neurofeedback headset. This technology is quite similar to electroencephalogram (EEG) technology.

•  A Biofeedback wristband tracks your cardiac rhythm and variability in real time.

MyREBALANCE® app allows users to access their indices from their smartphone at any time. 

Remember that the relevance of indices does not lie in the instantaneous analysis of a session. To erase any unusual event, they must be compared after a minimum program of 5 Rebalance Impulse sessions. 



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