Cognitive therapy with BLINK.PRO® provides a new type of exercise that improves the user’s coordination and focus using interactive tasks.

This supports neuroplastic brain changes and facilitates motor learning processes. The clinical goal is achieved through psychomotor function training. Depending on the device operation parameters, exercises may also require decision-making and focus or engage the user’s memory. 


Visual-motor coordination exercises are based on simple reactions to a light stimulus. The user is to touch the right sensor as quickly as possible. The programme can be adapted to meet the user’s needs. Therapy of this type combines motor and cognitive exercises.


Focus exercises force the user to react when a choice needs to be made. Based on a given configuration of light signals, the user is to pick the right sensor. The decision-making element has been introduced into the exercises by means such as different-colour sensors.


The device allows the user to train their memory through interactive tasks. They involve memorising light signals or sequences of such signals. Programmes of this sort stimulate the memory centre, especially ultra-short-term memory (USTM) and short-term memory (STM).


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