Discover how Sunlighten recreates nature's healing infrared and red light with unique patented technology.

Innovated infrared for your well-being.

Invest in your health for relaxation, enjoyment, safety, and peace of mind. Not all infrared heaters are the same, just like every cup of coffee. Sunlighten's technology delivers top-quality infrared for optimal well-being and performance.

SoloCarbon Coating

Sunlighten's patented SoloCarbon coating ensures that the sauna heaters emit high concentrations of peak infrared waves for optimal health benefits.

3 in 1® +Red Light: All the Health Benefits, One Heater

To experience the full range of health benefits from both infrared and red light therapy, you'll need a heater that can handle all the different wavelengths. Red/near, mid, and far infrared waves interact uniquely with our bodies, offering various advantages. Achieving each wavelength requires specific conditions and complex calculations. Due to the varying temperature requirements for each wavelength, it's challenging to emit all three peak wavelengths simultaneously from a single source. This challenge led Sunlighten to develop a ground breaking technology that integrates two heating elements and an LED light panel into one sauna heater.



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