Mecotec Cryo Electric vs Nitrogen

What is the difference between Electric cryotherapy and Nitrogen cryotherapy?

Advantages of Electric Whole-Body Cryotherapy
Effective and Safe Therapy:
Our electric single chambers deliver precise temperatures between -85 and -95°C. We focus on the skin temperature of the user as the key indicator of the effectiveness of the chamber. The temperature of the chamber is less important than the effect of the exposure on the body’s skin temperature. This change is delivered safely using a combination of cold temperatures and airflow for uniform cooling over all exposed body parts.
Reliability and Support
Mecotec has 20 years' of experience with over 700 chambers installed worldwide. In the UK we have an established operation with our own install, service, and after-sales team delivering next-generation chambers that require minimal service.
Fully Automated
Mecotec chambers have fully automated scheduling, so the chamber is ready to use when you want and switches off at the end of use. With an automated treatment countdown timer starting on opening the door, it truly is a fully automated system.
Low running and operating costs
Electric chambers are powered by electricity as opposed to expensive nitrogen with no need to manage supply or deliveries.

Electric Whole Body Cryotherapy – Fake News
There is a perception that WBC is all about the chamber temperature which is communicated by nitrogen companies. There are two important questions to ask. One is the displayed temperature the actual temperature the body is exposed to and the second what change in skin temperature the user experiences, as this truly is the key to the therapy. As a professional business we always inform our clients of our systems' benefits but then recommend trying both electric and nitrogen systems for themselves. Some if not all nitrogen suppliers are not confident to make that same offer.

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