What is Sunlighten Infrared saunas and the difference between mPulse and Amplify?

Sunlighten is committed to delivering effective, innovative, and affordable wellness products for healthier living. We want to be the clear choice for anyone seeking greater wellness and vitality—and we work hard every day to make each of our customers feel hopeful, valued, and connected to the Sunlighten family.

✓ Crafter to Perfection

✓ Quality, non-toxic materials

✓  Research informs everything we do



Customisable near, mid, and far infrared saunas. mPulse® 3 in 1® infrared sauna encompasses full body wellness. You want to receive the infrared waves your body receives best so that you get the maximum health benefit. Unlike any other infrared heater, our patented 3 in 1 delivers the perfect wavelength of each infrared wave, like dialing in a specific radio station. You get precise near, mid and far wavelengths for optimal results. 



Full spectrum infrared sauna. Take your sauna session to the next level. You’ll sweat deep, sweat fast and feel productive in an Amplify full spectrum sauna. Get the maximum physical benefits of Sunlighten’s proven most-effective full spectrum infrared therapy quicker and in a more intense, hotter heat amplified by halogen heaters at a reasonable price.


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