Rebalance Impulse Indexes explained


The Rebalance Impulse indexes have been developed to help you identify the sessions that are most beneficial for you. remember, index reading are not meant to analyse a sessions impact immediately.

As index readings can be influenced by unusual events, indexes should be compared after a minimum of five Rebalance Impulse sessions.

RELAXATION INDEX: assess your level of perceived stress

SLEEP QUALITY INDEX: assess how long you sleep, how long it takes you to fall asleep, how you feel when you wake up.

EMOTIONAL BALANCE INDEX: Quantifying emotional states and moods in a classic technique in psychometrics and biomedical research.

MUSCLE FEELING INDEX: reflect the current level of pain that you might be in due to muscle soreness through activity.

AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM (ANS) BALANCE INDEX: is a direct indicator to help regulate good health (heart rate, digestions, temperature regulation, etc.) and controlled stress levels. 

VITALITY INDEX: based on the heart rate variability, a higher level of cardiac variability indicates good health.

OBF (OPTIMAL BRAIN FLOW) INDEX: Restores harmonious balance in the waking state, helping to control stress levels.



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