What does AirPod Hydroxy Therapy do?

What is Hydroxy and what does it do?

The AirPod Hydroxy is a safe, exclusive, and innovative restorative therapy that delivers 
a combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen under three pressure settings of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.35 ATA.
The AirPod Hydroxy takes the benefits of oxygen therapy to a new level. Molecular Hydrogen is at the forefront of scientific research and provides an exciting new therapy for disease prevention and anti-aging. 

Why? Hydrogen is proven to selectively target and scavenge toxic Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), or ‘free radicals' to prevent disease, degeneration, and ageing resulting from body oxidation (rusting). 

More than 1,000 scientific articles suggest that inhaling or ingesting Hydrogen (H2) has beneficial effects in over 170 different human and animal disease models and essentially every organ of the human body.

A one-hour AirPod Hydroxy therapy provides the same benefit as consuming 60 litres of Hydrogen-infused water providing a fast and effortless way to improve health and wellbeing.

AirPod - Hydroxy

For more information, visit the Molecular Hydrogen Institute website, 18

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