Your Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) enhancement can aid in relaxation and healing, and create the ultimate sauna experience

The key is the SoundHeart® actuators, which adds a hi-fidelity musical touch experience to your Sunlighten cabin sauna. A.R.T. produces deep penetrating harmonic sound waves to complement the deep penetrating infrared rays of your sauna. The harmonically balanced flow of musical sound waves flowing through your body will enhance natural relaxation and healing.


Music has long been utilized to shift our focus and heighten awareness, setting the tone and pace for our experiences. Its profound effects on the body and mind are now substantiated by quantum physicists and researchers, leading therapists to incorporate music in various ways such as pain management, depression prevention, anxiety relief, patient calming, improved range of motion, and muscle tension reduction. Acoustic Resonance Therapy leverages music's therapeutic benefits, drawing on over 28 years of sound and music therapy research to enhance sensory integration and promote overall body-mind harmony.

Breathing & Heart Rate: Music can alter brainwaves, impacting bodily functions like breathing and heart rate controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This can lead to slower breathing, heart rate, and relaxation response activation, counteracting chronic stress for enhanced relaxation and health.

State of Mind: Music can enhance mood, reduce depression and anxiety, and maintain higher levels of creativity and optimism by preventing the negative effects of stress.

Other Benefits: Music and A.R.T. have been found to lower blood pressure, boost immunity, ease muscle tension, and promote deeper body awareness for enhanced healing and immune system support.

With so many benefits and such profound physical effects, it is no surprise that so many are seeing music with A.R.T. as an important tool to help the body stay (or become) healthy.



A.R.T. requires well-balanced acoustic music for optimal resonance. Live acoustic instruments like guitar or bass can enhance the level of resonance felt. The type and pace of music are crucial for achieving desired effects. Specifically mixed & mastered music journeys in So Tunes enhance the A.R.T. experience and can stimulate various bio-energetic goals.


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