Overview of Airpod and what it has to offer.

AirPod™ offers and innovative and performance driven restorative therapies, backed by scientific evidence, and proven to deliver transformative health and well-being benefits.

Seeking therapies that may reduce the risk or impact of chronic diseases to enable people to live long and live well.

Bringing the age of effortless wellness to life, enabling everyone to achieve their personal wellness goals and unlock their individual potential.

'The AirPod™ delivers a combination of oxygen and hydrogen under pressure up to 1.35 ATA. This enables oxygen to be carried through blood plasma to areas in the body affected by hypoxia. As a result, the AirPod™ increases the oxygen concentration in the body and supports the body's own healing, prevention, and anti-ageing process.'

See link to our articles for more on mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the benefits of Hydrogen.

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