So exactly what does Mueller REVIVE™ intermittent sequential pneumatic compression do?

Speeds up recovery by increasing blood flow, venous return effectively removes waste products from muscles faster than traditional methods.

The garment inflates providing a pressure gradient against the skin and a massaging action squeezes the air-filled chambers.

The gradient compression exerts more distal pressure gradually decreasing with proximity.

Compression occurs naturally in the body due to muscle contraction and this increased muscle activity increase venous flow.

Inflation of the garments starts from the most distal (furthest) area moving sequentially to the most proximal (closest) area.

The garment then deflates allowing blood back into the limb before repeating the cycle for the duration set.

The pressure setting can be adjusted from 20mmHg to 100mmHg, inflating in 30-40s before a brief pause followed by a rapid air release lasting 10s which completely deflates the garment.

The whole cycle can be completed in the 60s enabling 20 cycles in 20 minutes.

Revive-Leg-Boot-Inflation-Deflation 1

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