The Mueller REVIVE™ device and garments work together to accelerate the body's natural circulation using precise levels of pressure.

One of the many great features of the REVIVE™ compression sleeves are the overlapping chambers. With multiple chamber garments, each with a 30% overlap, each garment provides the most focused and accurate gradient compression. Faster cycle times allow for more flushes, which mean more efficient recovery. Complete and fast pressure release maximizes each treatment with each individual garment.

Mueller REVIVE™  compression technology speeds up the recovery process by accelerating the body's natural circulation with precise levels of personalised pressure. Reduce pain and improve performance before during and after all levels of physical activity with Mueller Revive compression sleeves and Console. 

 All Mueller Recovery Care Revive products are manufactured by the global leader of medical pneumatic compression therapy systems which boasts 40 years of clinical experience and services over 20,000 patients and athletes annually across 36 countries.

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