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Synchromotherapy® is a cutting-edge therapeutic discipline rooted in applied neuroscience. It combines three key techniques: innovative chromotherapy protocols utilizing specific wavelengths measured in nanometers, pulsed light protocols measured in hertz and lux, and dynamic light scenarios in the form of an iris (with a registered patent) that target specific frequencies.

The brain generates waves that can be easily measured using EEG. The amplitude of these brain waves varies depending on your state - whether you are active, asleep, stressed, or relaxed.

Different activities lead to variations in brain wave frequencies, making it challenging for untrained individuals to control them. For instance, excessive stress can keep the brain waves in the beta range, hindering relaxation and potentially causing difficulty falling asleep.

Thankfully, we have discovered that external factors can impact brain wave patterns through resonance. Binaural sounds, for example, can help realign brain waves by delivering varying frequencies to each ear. This method is commonly referred to as binaural synchrotherapy.

Broadly speaking, Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) involves the impact of an external source emitting consistent beats, flashes, or vibrations. This results in brain wave frequencies syncing up with the external stimulus, a phenomenon known as a "frequency tracking response." This synchronization can be achieved through the use of sound, light, vibrations, or specific electromagnetic pulses.


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