What is the difference between oxygen with pressure and oxygen without pressure?

Is oxygen with pressure better than oxygen without pressure? Well, Let us explain to you what the difference is.


  1. At sea level (1 x ATA Atmosphere Absolute), we breathe 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen plus a very small percentage of mixed gases.
  2. Our lungs filter the 21% oxygen and supply it to our red blood cells (Haemoglobin).
  3. The red blood cells are saturated at 97% and are unable to carry additional oxygen. Pressurisation is required to dissolve oxygen and provide an additional transport mechanism - blood plasma.

AirPod - without pressurised oxygen


  1. When the AirPod Revive is pressurised, oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma, increasing oxygen concentration and enabling the oxygen to permeate tissues and cells.
  2. The oxygen concentration is now increased by up to 35%. Dissolved oxygen can flow to peripheral cells, especially those in the brain, heart and eyes, even if capillaries are very narrow since it is dissolved directly in the blood plasma and delivered under pressure.
  3. When the AirPod Revive is operating at 1.35 ATA, the equivalent of 3.5 metres underwater, the oxygen concentration in our blood increases from 21.0% at sea level to 28.35%. (21% x 1.35ATA).

    This results in a significant 35% increase of oxygen circulating through our body.

Airpod wiht pressurised oxygen-1

It is important to note that the AirPod DOES NOT OPERATE WITH BOTTLED OXYGEN.

This is a distinct advantage as it removes the associated risks known to be present with bottled oxygen.

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