Mecotec is the leading in electric whole-body cryotherapy.

MECOTEC is a pioneer in the development of electric refrigeration technology and draws on over 25 years of experience. When choosing cold chambers from MECOTEC, you opt for standard certified technology, 100% made in Germany.

From research and development to manufacturing and distribution, to customer service, we work closely together with you to develop the best ideas and offer you the best products.



Mecotec 's electric cold chambers for wellness, sport, and lifestyle sets new standard.

RESPONSIBLE: Safer, gentler, and more effective - without the use of liquid nitrogen

ADVANCED: MECOTEC has been in the market leader and pioneer in refrigeration technology for over 25 years.

ECONOMICAL: Through years of research, Mecotec ensure low operating costs, high quality, and exceptional profitability.

RELIABLE & DURABLE: Mecotec products are made in Germany, and their services is available worldwide.


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