How does the application of blue light work in the Body Boost Bed treatment?

The application of blue light in the Body Boost Bed treatment is targeted to the surface of the skin because of antibacterial effects that are very well explained in many scientific works. 

Blue light is visible to the human eye. It has the shorted wavelength and the highest energy. About 1/3 of all visible light is considered blue light.

Furthermore, combination of blue light (antibacterial effect) and red light (anti-inflammatory effect) was proposed to have synergistic effects in acne treatment, which have been supported by several studies (Papageorgiou, Katsambas, and Chu 2000; Goldbery and Russell 2006; Lee, You, and Park 2007; Sadick 2008). 

Since using the protection glasses during the Body Boost Bed treatment is obligatory, the eyes of the patient are protected with impermeable material of protection glass.


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