Who is Icetubs and what are the difference between the tubs?

People have been taking ice baths for centuries. Makes sense: the physical and mental advantages that cold therapy offers are undeniable. Now Icetubs take cold therapy to the next level, by offering ice baths that are effortless, stylish and sustainable. 

With powerful engines ensure super clean water, backed by a filtration system that captures contaminants as small as 5 microns. Crafted with durable stainless steel and robust thermowood, the ice baths are built to last and look elegant. 

Find your fit with Icetubs

Everyone deserves the best ice bathing experience. That's why there are two versions to fit your preferences:

The IceBarrel for a seated position and the IceBath for a reclined experience. Both come in an extra-large size to ensure full-body immersion for all.

Immerse yourself


Living a hectic life, investing time and effort in your wellbeing can prove to be difficult. With our icebaths we offer all the benefits of cold therapy – without the hassle. A perfect blend of innovation, style and sustainability to invest in growth while respecting nature.


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