Understanding cold-water therapy (CWP)

Cold therapy involves immersing oneself in cold water. This therapy prompts the body to regulate its temperature naturally in response to the cold. For instance, when you take a cold shower, blood rushes to the skin's surface, causing the capillaries to open up. As the blood returns to the organs, it triggers a flushing effect that alters glandular secretions.

By fully opening up the blood vessels and capillaries, the body doesn't perceive the cold but instead uses its circulation to generate heat. This process can enhance the nervous system, leading to improved meditation and concentration for optimal living. Engaging in daily cold therapy practices can contribute to a healthy body with a well-functioning nervous system, not to mention the mental benefits it offers.

There are 3 different ways of cold therapy:

  • Cold shower
  • Swimming in a cold lake
  • Stepping into an ice bath


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