Pneumatic compression therapy is gaining popularity thanks to its simple, effective, and passive application. It’s a therapy that can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and ailments, from circulatory issues, lymphatic drainage problems and post-exercise muscle soreness.

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In this article, we’re going to look at how pneumatic compression therapy actually works. 

We’ll investigate how the device is different to other types of massage and how it helps to alleviate issues in the user.


Pneumatic compression therapy involves wearing garments containing several air-filled chambers. These garments are attached to a compressor/air pump, which rhythmically inflates and deflates the chambers. 

This has the effect of gently massaging the body because it squeezes the area where the garments are worn. They’re typically available for the legs and arms.

The squeezing effect helps to move more blood, lymph and other intracellular fluids from where they are to stimulate movement around the body. 


You could wear a pneumatic compression device for literally hours at a time if you wanted to if you stay well hydrated.

The ‘squeeze’ experienced when you wear the sleeves is a relatively low pressure which is enough to move the blood and various fluids. If it were any tighter it would have the opposite effect, stopping blood flow by restricting the vessels.

If you have ever worn a blood pressure monitor, it’s like the early stages of that, before the sleeve gets tight.

The device is relatively quiet during operation as well because it doesn’t need to reach high pressures in use. This means you could easily wear pneumatic compression sleeves at home, without worrying that they will interrupt your TV viewing!


For athletes looking at improved recovery, the Revive product stimulates the lymphatic system, removal of waste, and circulatory system, increasing blood flow to deliver more nutrient-rich blood to muscles. The REVIVE model delivers precise gradient compression in a pressure range from 20mmHg to 100mmHg. 

Most research points to a pressure range of 50 to 70mmHg to activate the lymphatic system and increase blood flow through increased venous return.

There are stronger, more powerful versions of the technology that go far beyond the gentle stimulation of blood flow – these more powerful devices have 2 common characteristics which deliver the opposite, negative effect. Higher pressure over 100mmHg will restrict blood flow and collapse the lymphatic system with limited activation. Delivering this high pressure takes time to inflate and in turn to empty which means fewer cycles or flushes with limited stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Revive products are designed to improve post-exercise recovery, speed wound and injury healing and reduce inflammation. This allows athletes to return to competition more quickly.

They’re not exclusively designed for athletes – ‘normal’ people can use them too.


The directional massage of the limbs by the pre-set compressing of chambers allows the garment to squeeze the lymph vessels to empty them and then with a quick full release of pressure it allows more waste fluid to be taken into the lymphatic system ready for the next compression cycle. More cycles, mean more fluid moved and the Revive technology has not only been shown to activate lymphatic movement during the therapy but also 3o minutes post-therapy, see video link.

When massaged, the lymph vessels can move more waste fluid which is drained into the bloodstream. The circulation of the blood is then stimulated and improved by the pneumatic compression device, helping to remove the waste products collected by the lymphatic system.

The sequential precise gradient compression delivered by the Revive product increases venous return and the movement of blood back to the heart. Increasing this flow means greater Cardiac output. This means a higher volume of oxygenated blood is available to help the body recover.

It’s a simple and effective approach to removing waste products and increasing blood flow. 


At RP-X we distribute a range of different pneumatic compression therapy products that can offer your clients all of the health benefits of the treatment, improving their general wellness. Contact us to learn more about the products and services we offer and how it could be of benefit to you.

For more information on pneumatic compression therapy, pricing and the right products for you, contact us on info@rp-x.com or 01234 862762.

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