Sport is the ultimate competitive arena. When the difference between success and failure can be measured in tiny increments, every little competitive advantage needs to be considered. 

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One of the biggest advantages you can offer your athletes is a deeper, more enhanced recovery between sessions. By enabling the body to recover thoroughly you not only help injuries heal faster, but you also reduce the risk of future injuries occurring. 

Oxygen therapy is a proven effective solution to a large (and growing) problem in elite sports – inadequate recovery time. 

Given oxygen therapy is such a low effort approach (the athlete simply lies down in the oxygen chamber), the buy-in from players is huge and eliminates the need for multiple therapists. It’s as passive a treatment as you’re likely to find, with massive, evidence-based benefits to recovery and subsequent performance. 


Broadly speaking you can separate oxygen therapy from our Airpods into two distinct groups of benefits:

  1. Enhancing sporting recovery
  2. Improving general wellbeing

From research, we have established on a superficial level that pre-exercise exposure to molecular hydrogen reduces blood lactate levels and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function. It means athletes can perform at a higher intensity for longer, which will inevitably improve sporting success.

The frequency and intensity of training and competition is such that athletes will carry more inflammation and bruising than most. By using hyperbaric oxygen therapies, you can help to reduce systemic inflammation and improve the rate of injury healing than if you employed ‘rest’ on its own.

In elite sporting circles, the use of oxygen chambers isn’t new – high profile fans include footballers Mohammed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Immediate, long-term access to oxygen therapy is a huge advantage when it comes to effectiveness of the therapy.

By installing hyperbaric oxygen chambers in your sports club, your athletes can have access to them straight away, so they can have immediate benefits. They won’t have to wait for appointment times to become available, so they can have uninterrupted access to the treatment. It means they can start their recovery from the moment they finish training or competing.

Frequent use of the hyperbaric oxygen chambers will keep the athletes in peak condition for longer.


A common problem with a high intensity activity life is the wear and tear on the body in a general sense. Crossing multiple time zones for international fixtures can be a problem for players, which also causes lack of sleep and can leave players feeling run down.

Add to this oxidative stress and the whole system becomes vulnerable to illness and infection. A regular (1-2 per week) 60 minute session in the hyperbaric oxygen and hydrogen chamber can help deal with oxidative stress, allowing the body to detoxify from oxygen reactive species.

There’s a strong suggestion as well that oxygen therapy can help strengthen the immune system, which is particularly useful in playing squads where large groups of people spend a lot of time in confined spaces, leading to a situation where illness can spread quickly. 

Oxygen and hydrogen therapy for sports clubs - concluded

The research in support of oxygen and hydrogen therapy for athletes is very strong, and there’s more being added all the time. 

In a world where the smallest advantage can produce outsized results, now is the time to invest in this powerful technology. It’ll help you deliver fitter, better rested, more injury-resistant and thoroughly recovered athletes to competition every single time. 

For more information on how oxygen and hydrogen therapy can benefit you, take a look at our hyperbaric oxygen therapy information page.


RP-X are the leading providers of cutting-edge recovery technologies in the UK. We have nearly two decades experience in the space and offer a wide range of turnkey solutions for facilities looking to invest in this technology. 

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