Athletes can achieve a number of Cryotherapy benefits when using Electric Whole Body Cryotherapy. They do this through Cryotherapy Chambers and Machines. These Cryotherapy benefits can enhance fitness, health and wellness. These all lead to improvements in an individual’s quality of life and happiness.

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  • Improved fitness performance
  • Improved mobility
  • Enhanced rehabilitation process
  • Reduce muscle soreness, Pain and Inflammation
  • Increased energy levels
  • Promote healing, well-being and quality of life
  • Enhanced lymph drainage and blood circulation
  • Improves regeneration and collagenases


The Cryotherapy benefits achieved can lead to improved fitness performances by elite and recreational athletes due to improved recovery.  If an athlete is injured, they can improve their mobility through cryotherapy treatment. This helps to enhance the rehabilitation process and allows the athlete to return to their sport quicker. Cryotherapy, particularly electric Whole-Body Cryotherapy, can reduce muscle soreness, pain and inflammation as vasoconstriction occur in the blood vessels reducing the flow of blood. Athletes can increase energy levels to help them reach peak performance.


Cryotherapy benefits individuals as adrenaline and endorphins are boosted to promote healing, well-being and quality of life. This can enable individuals to feel both happier and healthier through regular use of Cryotherapy. You can enhance Lymph drainage and blood circulation through regular Cryotherapy use. This helps to provide a fresh blood supply to fatigued muscles and removes waste products such as lactate.

This can also prevent blood pooling and inflammation post-exercise which can allow individuals to be more active and remain healthy in later life.  Users have found that there is less reliance on medication after regular Cryotherapy use.  This is because of less pain and greater mobility.


Cryotherapy can assist with deeper sleep. It enables people to relax more easily which can enhance their quality of life and wellbeing. Having a Cryotherapy machine or home Cryotherapy electric chamber can enable users to enjoy Cryotherapy just before bedtime. Eczema sufferers can also benefit from the regular use of Cryotherapy as it can reduce Atopic dermatitis (eczema).  A Cryotherapy machine is particularly useful for combating this kind of issue.

You can use it in an isolated area,  which can help you to feel happier and more confident in life.  Cryotherapy Facial Device can accelerate and improve regeneration and collagenases which can give a more youthful appearance for individuals.  Another Cryotherapy benefit is that it can decrease pain which can help elderly people to continue to have a good quality of life even if suffering from joint problems such as arthritis

This is most certainly not an exhausting list of benefits but gives an indication of the many improvements in fitness, health and wellness that can be experienced through Cryotherapy use.

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