Emera Senior residences & EHPAD Emera

For more than 35 years, Emera has distinguished itself through its Senior Residences and nursing homes (EHPAD). EHPAD Emera welcome elderly residents who are often carriers of pathologies that compromise or have already disrupted their autonomy. Specifically trained teams are dedicated to accompanying people with Alzheimer's disease or similar pathologies. 

Emera has 23 senior residences. This hosting solution combines security, conviviality and freedom. Seniors have their own accommodation, with an equipped kitchen and a single or double bedroom for couples. They can also take advantage of the services and facilities of the residence, including wellness and dining areas. Outings and outdoor activities are regularly offered. BLINK.PRO is effectively used by Emera’s Physiotherapist in treatments to reduce the burden of dementia.

COGNITIVE TRAINING AND REHABILITATION USING BLINK.PRO Brain disorders such as Alzheimer or Dementia affect cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, and critical thinking. Like movement, cognitive functions can be improved through task-specific and highly repetitive exercises. 

REDUCE THE BURDEN OF DEMENTIA Effective treatments to reduce the burden of dementia are urgently needed. BLINK.PRO Cognitive Training is a non-pharmacological form of treatment that focuses on guided practice and tasks that target specific cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, or problem-solving.

RESTORE BRAIN FUNCTION OF ALZHEIMER'S PATIENTS Given the limited efficacy of the available pharmaceutical options to restore brain function, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is recognized as one of the major challenges in the field of non-pharmacological interventions. Cognitive training (CT) is a commonly recommended non-pharmacological intervention in AD and is recognized as an important adjunct, or even alternative treatment to pharmacological intervention.

GET THE ELDERLY HIGHLY ENGAGED The engagement in therapy is a crucial patient characteristic in successful rehabilitation outcomes. BLINK.PRO Cognitive Training results in full engagement through the rehabilitation therapy, which in turn burgeons potential gains accomplished in therapy. Couple based exercises have to do with increasing the level of endorphins which makes BLINK.PRO unique.

“We introduced BLINK.PRO Cognitive Rehabilitation in August 2022. After 6 months of using BLINK.PRO with my patients, it is clear for me how many benefits this device brings to the elderly. Patients have improved their reflexes and coordination. We have also measured their progress when it comes to exercises involving memory. What we have observed with this device particularly is that patients have started smiling as a result of their being involved in doing these cognitive exercises. Since we took up using this device, patients have started to speak more loosely. Sometimes they even ask to have the training session three times a day..” Jean-Pascal DOUISSARD, Physiotherapist at the EHPAD Eléonore in Aix en Provence, France

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