Reducing stress in everyday life can make you happier and healthier. But how can we do this when current lifestyles mean we have limited time to spend on activities or routines to reduce stress. There are many well documented ways to reduce stress from exercising, correct diet and better sleep. However, with the many extra elements affecting our mental wellness more than ever we need to look at alternative ways to manage our mental wellness and reduce stress. We have highlighted some of our products that assist with reducing stress and some other well recognised treatments.

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REBALANCE Impulse is a non-invasive device for mental wellness & neuro-relaxation. A cognitive stimulation and training device from applied neuroscience dedicated to the fight against chronic stress, improving the quality of sleep and increasing vitality.
After a few 30 minutes sessions the user discovers their ideal mode of relaxation and keys to their own stress control with specific programs for anti-stress, sleep, optimal brain flow, pain management, concentration, weight management, addictions or emotional management.


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Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is proven to boost mental wellness and from a three-minute session it produces a release of endorphins, increasing feeling of pleasure and wellbeing. WBC can alleviate stress by simply making you feel happier, resulting in more positive mindset and improving your life. A common effect from WBC is improved quality of sleep from a therapy earlier in the day. With regular use this can have a significant effect on improving sleep and ultimately the way you feel daily.


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Floatation tanks provide sensory deprivation also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST). REST in a float tank has shown a transition from alpha or beta brainwaves to theta, which would only normally occur before sleep and waking. In a floatation tank, theta brain waves occur whilst the user is fully conscious.

There is evidence of physical benefits including reduced blood pressure, cortisol (the stress hormone) and improvements to blood flow. REST is also used by many athletes who claim enhanced recovery and performance. The therapy isolates the senses, blocking out all distractions including gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound. This leaves you in a deeply relaxed and meditative dream-like state and ultimately reducing stress.

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Meditation has many benefits for stress management and overall health. There are many different meditations that are highly effective with some feeling more comfortable for you than others. The meditations that feel right are the ones to try, as those are the ones you will continue to practice managing and reducing stress.


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Yoga can help reduce stress, as it promotes relaxation, the natural opposite of stress. Our body, mind, and breathing are all affected by stress, with yoga being able to effectively target all these areas. Regular yoga sessions create mental calmness and clarity in thinking. Some other benefits include, relieving chronic stress patterns, relaxing the mind and improving concentration.


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At RP-X, we understand the complexity of stress, the importance in reducing stress and improving quality of life. Therefore, we offer a range of products to suite your needs. If you are interested in learning more on our products, looking for advice on where to start or would like to know which would best suit your personal or business needs, then feel free to get in touch.

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