Until recently, cryotherapy has been seen as something only worthwhile for professional athletes. Whilst it’s true that the largest numbers of people enjoying the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy are athletes, it doesn’t mean it’s not useful for everyday fitness enthusiasts.

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In this article we’re doing to discover how useful cryotherapy can be for fitness enthusiasts. We’ll look at the evidence in support of the technology for post exercise recovery as well as general health and overall wellness.


Most people associate the benefits of cryotherapy coming post exercise, helping you to recover after the exertion. That’s only part of the benefit. 

Research from 2019 showed that using whole-body cryotherapy as a novel way to prepare for exertion could have benefits. These benefits include hormonal changes, reductions in body temperatures and perceived soreness and fatigue. If you want to exercise but aren’t feeling your best, a few minutes in the WBC (whole-body cryotherapy) chamber can help set you right.

Feeling good at the start of a workout is always a benefit, whether you’re a regular Joe or an Olympian.

As a regular exerciser, you’re likely to be training in the gym multiple times per week, with limited recovery time between sessions. Thankfully, electric whole-body cryotherapy can help you quickly reduce the impact of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), as shown in this meta-analysis of the research into WBC and recovery.

Reducing the impact of DOMS means you’ll be able to train harder and more frequently, which has an immediate and significant impact on your fitness levels. 


Many people under-appreciate the impact your hormonal profile has on your ability to motivate yourself to train, the effects of the training itself and how you recover. This is important at any level of activity, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend gym goer.

The research into cryotherapy and hormonal profiling shows that sessions of WBC can have a positive effect on testosterone levels, which can help with muscle building and recovery.  Subsequent research on cryotherapy and hormonal responses goes even further, suggesting frequent WBC can improve the wider scope of hormones.


It could be argued WBC is an even bigger asset for everyday fitness enthusiasts than professional athletes. This is because professional athletes have built their entire world around their health and their training. They can spend more time on recovery, on resting and making sure they’re primed for each session.

A regular gym goer with a job and other ‘normal’ life pressures needs every possible advantage to feel as good, and WBC can provide those advantages.

The electric whole-body cryotherapy chamber technology from Mecotec has been shown to help a huge range of health and wellbeing parameters across dozens of scientific studies. With something so powerful in your corner, you can’t help but feel better, more rested and recovered.


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