Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll be aware of the importance of a strong immune system. The reality is we’re all exposed to bugs every day, but we’ve got our immune system to thank for keeping us safe from most of them.

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If the pandemic has taught us anything though, it’s that we can’t take our immune system for granted. Thankfully, research has shown us that cryotherapy boosts the immune system in a perfectly safe and sustainable way. More importantly, it does it across such short spaces of time – three-minute sessions are very effective.

In this article we’re going to look at some of the research around cryotherapy and immunity, showing the benefits of cryotherapy for the immune system.


We all have an immune system, but the strength of it depends on series of factors. In some cases, there are immuno-suppressant drugs that reduce immune strength. In other cases, immunity is reduced by lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption, poor diet, or a lack of sleep.

Just as you can reduce your immune function, you can also increase it by doing the reverse of those things. Sleeping well, eating well, and avoiding alcohol are a great start.

When you appreciate that immunity is transient, you can look at ways to improve it for the long term, adopting regular healthful behaviours that ensure you stay healthy for good.


There’s a significant body of research showing that whole body cryotherapy has a positive effect on immune system strength. 

There are number explanations for this, but the most common is the effect that the extreme cold exposure induces changes in both innate and adaptive branches of the immune system, hormones, and metabolic status.

These results aren’t a one-off either. 

Further research into the effects of whole-body cryotherapy show that there’s an increase in the number of monocytes (white blood cells), and a beneficial effect on the way monocytes are expressed. Given white blood cells are a hugely important element of the immune system, it stands to reason that regular cryotherapy sessions would improve immune function. 


One of the most powerful effects of whole-body cryotherapy is the reduction of inflammation. When there’s an illness present in the body, tissues become inflamed – this can make a patient feel stiff, sore, and generally significantly worse. 

Whole body cryotherapy reduces the amount of inflammatory markers and oxidative stress, reducing inflammation and the associated discomfort. 

The fantastic thing about whole body cryotherapy is that the effects kick in so quickly. Research shows that effects are present within 3 sessions – 6 to 9 minutes of cryotherapy. This is much faster than improving immunity with other means (nutritionally and with better sleep), which could take weeks.


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