What is cryotherapy? The word “cryotherapy” originally comes from the Greek work “cryo” meaning cold and “therapeia” meaning cure. This does not refer to any specific temperature and includes all applications of cold such as water, ice or air. It may be applied to specific areas or the body as a whole.

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There are two methods of cryotherapy chambers:

  1. Partial body cryotherapy
  2. Whole body cryotherapy

Cryosauna has an open top for the head to be above the treatment space which is known as partial body cryostimulation. It uses a cooling technique of vapour nitrogen that is released in the treatment space. As nitrogen is not safe to inhale, the head cannot be exposed to the vapour at any time before, during or after the treatment.

Whole body cryotherapy, also known as WBC, is a non-invasive therapy. It is a form of treatment that uses extremely cold conditions to encourage a physiological response from the body. Using electricity it exposes the entirety of the body, including the head briefly, to extremely cold pure air with temperatures down to -110°C. When the skin temperature changes it triggers the Hypothalamus (small area of the brain which regulates many vital functions). This circulates the blood to the core and a systemic nervous reflex has a physiological response to the body’s processes.

With electric whole body cryotherapy, users are required to wear minimal clothing but cover their extremities to protect them against frostbite by wearing gloves, socks and a hat / headband. For optimal cryotherapy experience, users can enter the WBC chamber by standing or sitting for three minutes. This can be done twice daily to promote healing, well-being and quality of life in fitness, health and wellness.


Cryotherapy is usually operated either from nitrogen or electricity. The main advantages of using electric cryotherapy vs nitrogen are:

  • Cryotherapy in pure air
  • Minimal risk of accidents
  • Low running costs
  • Full impact on the nervous system
  • High safety standards
  • Can be run all day for commercial facilities


Mecotec electric whole body cryotherapy chambers are nitrogen-free and are available in the cryo:one series, single and multi-chamber series.

  • cryo:one chamber is compact, which makes it perfect for single person use at home or commercially
  • cryo:one+ chamber has all the same features as the cryo:one but with 50% more space for 1-2 users and greater cooling speed for high commercial use
  • Single chamber (cryoair flex) is available in bespoke sizes which is ideal if you have restricted height or want a larger single chamber
  • cryoair double electric chamber comes as a standard or bespoke size. With two chambers, it’s perfect for high volume of users in a commercial setting or team use as up to 30+ users can move through the chamber in an hour.


There are many positive effects from exposure to WBC, here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Reduces pain and inflammation in joints and muscles
  • Increase mobility due to age or joint problems such as arthritis
  • Help mitigate the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) enabling athletes to get back to training, improve performance and prepare for competition
  • Enhance rehabilitation
  • Improves quality and duration of sleep
  • Boost endorphins & promotes better quality of life
  • Reduction in stress


If you are interested and would like advice on where to start or would like to know which chamber would best suit your needs, then feel free to get in touch or access our Buyers Guide.

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