Sports science is evolving. With the stakes in competition being so high, athletes the world over are looking for every possible performance gain.

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The fields of physical training, recovery and nutrition have been studied and refined for years, but at the cutting edge, cognitive training is being utilised by the most forward-thinking athletes.

By maximising your reflex training and psychomotor skill development, you can create dramatic improvements in your skills and abilities in competition.

BLINK.PRO helps you with three things…

  1. Become faster than others
  2. Become faster than yourself by improving your reflexes
  3. Maintain your psychomotor abilities at a top level while competing

Add these to your arsenal and watch yourself fly!


Blink.Pro is a device designed to improve psychomotor skills and physical movement. It shows the athlete a random selection of lights that they must hit to switch off. This process is randomised, allowing data to be collected on how quickly the athlete can react to sensory information.


With practice, the athlete develops their reaction time and their psychomotor skills. This makes them a faster, more responsive athletes. This technology is leading the way in reflex training and cognitive responsiveness.

There’s solid research supporting the application of the technology in the sporting field. Researchers studying the impact of cognitive training on handball players [1] concluded…

Perceptual-motor training improves sensorimotor coordination, and peripheral perception also positively correlates with general attention of handball players’

 This shows us that there’s a genuine benefit to this kind of work in a sporting context.


The device fires a random selection of lights to the user, who then must react as quickly as possible. There is in-built AI into the device, so the machine focuses on enhancing your reaction times. The faster you are, the more demanding a training routine becomes.

This means you aren’t just working on your reflex training; you’re also working on developing your movement patterns, movement abilities and your fitness.

What’s more is that you can analyse your data post-workout. You can check your progress and adapt your training patterns based on the results. Any training program is only good if it evolves to reflect the needs of the athlete.

Finally, the Blink.Pro can be used by two people consecutively, so you can train with a partner and compete against them on the machine. You’ll both be working on developing your psychomotor skill development and your fitness at the same time.


There’s strong evidence that cognitive training has a direct impact on skill development across a range of sports and activities. It’s a hack that will allow you to learn in a different way, making you a more rounded athlete.

An example of cognitive training and skill development can be found in Judo. Research shows that cognitive development results in improved motor skills and performance in the sport [2].


At RP-X we distribute Blink.Pro models to teams and individuals looking for the next step in their athletic development. Contact us to learn more about the products and services we offer and how it could be of benefit to you.

For more information on Blink.Pro, pricing and the right model for you, contact us on info@rp-x.com or 01234 862762.


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