What was once almost exclusive to elite athletes, celebrities and the ultra-rich, this revolutionary therapy is now more accessible than ever.   

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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber technology originated in the early 1900’s for the treatment of divers suffering from the bends. The patient would be repressurised back to the depth they surfaced from, to allow the nitrogen bubbles to be reabsorbed. Slowly bringing the pressure back to atmospheric, simulating a steady assent through the water.

Since then, HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) has been used for the treatment of athletes, reducing recovery times, and ensuring greater return to sporting success rates.  

Oxygen therapy not only allows athletes to return to peak physical performance through the increased soft tissue healing and reduction in swelling that HBOT promotes.

Although an increased number of sports professionals are seeking out this therapy to enhance performance and reduce fatigue. The benefits this combined treatment provides reaches further than your professional footballers. 

The Airpod has been specifically designed to allow you to enjoy treatments in the comfort of your own home, or wellness centre. Offering a user friendly, compact system without compromising on performance. 


Utilising molecular Hydrogen in combination with supersaturated oxygen is what sets the Airpod apart from traditional HBOT methods, taking anti-aging and body repair to a whole new level.

Airpod Hydroxy therapy is a painless, non-invasive, and relaxing treatment, that provides a heightened concentration of oxygen, in combination with molecular hydrogen. The pod delivers this enriched air at 1.1- 1.35 times greater than our normal atmosphere.

Utilising these combined therapies can enhance your body’s natural mechanisms to heal by increasing the diffusion of oxygen through cell membranes, effectively super charging your blood and circulation.

While Hydrogen actively targets free radicals in the body, creating an unrivalled anti-ageing and restorative result, oxygen is essential for healing and all cell functions, from repairing damaged skin, reducing swelling and immune health. 

The Airpod system allows the user to create an optimum environment to enable the body to rejuvenate at a much faster rate that would be possible under normal conditions.


Breathing 100% oxygen is commonplace in medical settings, and by increasing the 02 balance outside the lungs compared to in the blood, the transfer will be greater.

However, when we compound this by breathing Oxygen at pressure, we can increase the blood 02 content by 35% and hold a greater atom concentration within the blood.

Think of taking a balloon underwater, the pressure of the water will decrease the size, but the amount of air inside that balloon remains the same, it just takes up less space!

The chamber simulates this increase in pressure, allowing plasma, cells and tissues to hold more of these gasses in the same space.

Extra oxygen is delivered then to your cells and organs, allowing them to heal faster, and because we are acting from the inside, the effects can reach subdermal areas, that topical treatments cannot compete with.


Many patients report feeling a sense of peace after treatments due to the enhanced blood flow to the brain.

You are likely to be more energised, in a better state of mind, and just one session can help alleviate feelings of irritability, low mood and stress.


Enhanced healing of tissues and cell regeneration can vastly improve the quality of life for chronic sufferers of diabetes and inflammation.

Hydroxy Therapy Anti- Aging effects: Increased collagen production improves natural skin regeneration, with greater elasticity, reduced scar formation, a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and active targeting of free radicals to limit degeneration and ageing.

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