Saunas have been used for centuries because of their numerous health benefits.

The simple act of sitting in a sauna helps to improve circulation, reduce stress, and boost the immune system.

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As technology has entered the space, infrared saunas have grown in popularity and are a preferred option to traditional saunas in lots of cases. The technology in infrared saunas such as Sunlighten produces a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where most toxins reside through effective low, soothing temperatures.

There are both similarities and differences between the two types of saunas, as we’ll discuss in this article. By the end, you’ll know the differences between the two and will be informed to decide as to the right one for your needs.


Infrared saunas use infrared heat to warm the body directly. The infrared waves penetrate the skin and heat the tissues beneath, without heating the air around you. This makes infrared saunas more comfortable for some people, as they do not produce anywhere near as much dry heat as traditional saunas.

Infrared saunas have been shown to offer several health benefits, including:

  • Improved circulation

  • Reduced stress

  • Boosted immune system.

  • Pain relief

  • Weight loss

  • Improved skin health

  • Reduced inflammation


Traditional saunas heat the air to high temperatures, typically around 90 degrees Celsius. The hot air causes you to sweat, which helps to detoxify your body. Some people like to add water to the coals to create more steam and humidity, which some people believe helps the pores open more.

In some cases, oils such as Olbas oil or eucalyptus can be added to the coals as some users claim it helps with sinus issues.

Traditional saunas have also been shown to offer several health benefits, including:

  • Improved circulation

  • Boosted immune system.

  • Pain relief

  • Improved skin health

  • Reduced inflammation


To help you decide which is the right one for you, here’s a direct comparison of the two approaches…

Temperature: Traditional saunas operate at 80-90 degrees Celsius. Infrared saunas typically operate at 30-50 degrees Celsius.

Humidity: Traditional saunas can be very humid when water is added to the coals. Infrared saunas can’t create steam, so humidity is low.

Heat source (and running costs): Traditional saunas must heat coals to a very high temperature, then maintain it. They take a while to get up to temperature, depending on the sauna size. They’re often large rooms (4-10 people capacity), so take a lot of heating. Infrared saunas have elements or lamps that emit the infrared rays. These are much lower cost to run and can be used instantly, making it 7x more effective than traditional saunas.

In terms of convenience and cost, the infrared is a clear winner. The traditional sauna is a benefit for people who like the high temperatures, the humidity and the potential for essential oil use.

Sunlighten infrared saunas contain a patented 3 in 1 infrared technology called SoloCarbon. It contains 3 separate heating elements emit near (NIR), mid (MIR) & far (FIR) at peak wavelengths, ensuring that you maximise the health benefits of the sauna with a range of rays that penetrate to different depths. This is unique to the Sunlighten infrared sauna range.

With added features, Sunlighten infrared saunas include ‘Acoustic resonance therapy’, which combines vibration with sound for a deeper state of relaxation. Sunlighten infrared sauna also include ‘chromotherapy’, which is a light and colour therapy that restores various energy points to help balance the body. This is a key benefit to the user, who is likely spending time in the sauna to aid relaxation as well as recovery.


The best type of sauna for you depends on your individual preferences and needs. If you are looking for a more comfortable sauna experience, an infrared sauna may be a good option for you.

If you are looking for a sauna that can provide steam and humidity, a traditional sauna may be a better choice.

For the sake of costs, the infrared is the best bet.

RP-X are the leading providers of Sunlighten Infrared Saunas in the UK. We have nearly two decades in the space and offer a wide range of turnkey solutions for facilities looking to invest in this technology.

For more information on infrared saunas, pricing, and the right model for you, contact us on info@rp-x.com or 01234 862762.

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