When you think of cryotherapy, you immediately think of athletes stepping into a large chamber to receive their treatment. This is the common form of treatment for whole-body cryotherapy treatment. This is not the only form, localised cryotherapy is a compact, stable, and robust device that doesn’t need a lot of space and is usually used in studios and medical practices for sports, wellness, and medical treatments that are focused on a specific area. Cryoair devices are electrically powered providing safety while also being cost-effective for the user as so many benefits can be experienced through just one treatment. 

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All that is required is a power source as cryoair devices use electricity to create the extremely cold temperatures required for treatment. You can place the machine over the specific body part causing pain and irritation as the cold air comes out of a hose. Once you have treated an area of the body, the cold air can then be placed on another part of the body should this be required by the client. You can aid recovery and rehabilitation from sports injuries, surgery, joint problems, pain relief, and reduce inflammation with a cryotherapy machine. 


Cryoair electric localised cryo devices are specially designed with varying cooling capacity and air volume. The frigid air is meticulously chilled to a remarkable temperature of -32°C, then gently directed to the desired region of the patient's body through an adjustable airflow hose. Unlike other cooling methods, cryoair cold air therapy devices provide numerous advantages and benefits in a multitude of ways:

  • Higher cooling gradient without risk of freezing

  • Constant cooling over a longer period of time

  • Airflow-adjustable

  • The area of the body being treated remains accessible and movable


Cryoair electric localised cryo devices focus on treatments using targeted cold air that helps treat injuries and areas of inlammation, reducing pain. It locally extracts heat from the body alleviating pain, improving joint mobility, and relieving swelling. It is also used in the beauty industry to tone and stimulate the production of collagen.

While users have noted many physical and mental benefits of using Cryotherapy devices and chambers, there are still so many benefits that can still be experienced, like:

  • Improved mobility of joints and muscles

  • Reduced pain

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Less swelling

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved energy due to increased endorphins

  • Improved fitness, health and wellness

  • Improved quality of life

  • Better skin elasticity due to increased collagenases


Mecotec cryoair is the market leader in electric cryotherapy. Using only electric and no nitrogen makes the use of the therapy safe, efficient, and effective. The innovative technology has been optimised over many years of research and is characterised by particularly low operating costs with the highest reliability.

Mecotec offers a wide range of cryotherapy solutions which not only include localised cryotherapy, but also cryo facial therapy which helps tone tissue and stimulate the production of collagen. Reducing wrinkles and regaining elasticity helps give the skin a smooth appearance. Making the skin feel rejuvenated and bring forth a youthful glow.

Mecotec electric whole-body cryotherapy chambers consist of briefly exposing the whole body to extremely cold air for a few minutes by standing in a cryo chamber. This triggers the physiological response from the body helping it to reduce inflammation, decrease stress, improve sleep, enhance immune function, and speed up recovery.

At RP-X, we understand the complexity of injuries and the importance of the correct recovery process. Therefore, we offer a range of cryotherapy machines with varying levels of power to suit different requirements and treatments. Despite the different machines, they all serve the same purpose; to aid recovery and rehabilitation using cool air. For more information, contact rp-x.com at 01234 862 762.

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