As we learn more about the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for general health and wellness, attention turns to the most effective ways to use it. As with anything that is relatively new to market, we must spend time getting to know its best application.

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One of the questions people are asking is how often should they have hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Is a daily practice most effective, or a weekly one? Does time spent in the chamber matter? Would several shorter sessions be more effective than a less frequent but longer session? Does it depend on the reasons for use?

In this article we’re going to look at the research and make suggestions based on the evidence.


There are non-medical applications for HBOT, using a device such as an Airpod. These are a non-medical device that still give you the health benefits of the treatment. In the Airpod you engage in a treatment called Hydroxy, which is an innovative and patented therapy that delivers a combination of oxygen and hydrogen in a pressurised environment greater than at sea level (our normal atmosphere). In this environment, oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma providing dual carrier system in the body and increasing oxygen saturation levels by up to 50%

AirPod is effective at rejuvenating tissues, helping to slow ageing, improve circulation and help with relaxation. Essentially, it’s a very effective, safe, and accessible form of improving general health and wellness.


The beauty of HBOT in an Airpod is it’s so passive – you simply lie or sit in the pod. It means you don’t have any recovery time after the therapy, as you would with a massage etc. This means frequency isn’t an issue – you could reasonably do multiple sessions per week.

A typical session lasts 60 minutes, but research into patients with ear conditions suggests shorter, more frequent sessions would work just as well.

The team at Dr. Peter J.R. Jebson Hyperbaric Medicine Facility suggest that for some conditions, a daily treatment is required. If you’re just using an Airpod for relaxation and general health benefits, there are no clear guidelines.

In this case it’s a needs-must basis. If you are feeling the benefits and would like further treatments, you can simply book extra sessions. It’s a perfectly safe treatment and there are no risks tied to it, so you can enjoy HBOT on a daily bases if desired.


If looking at Hyperbaric for medical applications you would need to locate a facility with medical device and doctors for consultation prior to starting a course of treatments

The treating physician will determine the frequency and duration of therapy needed for each patient based on their individual medical needs. It's essential to discuss your treatment options with your healthcare provider.

Johns Hopkins Medicine has more information on the types of conditions treated by HBOT.


At RP-X we distribute Airpods that can offer your clients all the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, improving their general wellness. Contact us to learn more about the products and services we offer and how it could be of benefit to you.

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