Sleeping is just as important to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing. Our bodies are dependent on it. By allowing our body to sleep we allow both our body and mind to recharge. This allows us to wake up refreshed, alert and ready for the day ahead. It also helps us to remain healthy and lower the chances of any diseases or illnesses that may affect our mental and physical well-being.

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There are many solutions that can contribute towards the improvement of quality sleep, and we’ll be looking at those in this article.


Whole body cryotherapy, also known as WBC, involves briefly exposing the whole body to extremely cold conditions to trigger a physiological response from the body. Electric WBC uses temperatures between -85°C and -110°C which has proven to have positive effects on the body. It helps produce an increase in norepinephrine, a hormone that that can directly relate to relaxation and sleep. One of the effects of WBC is improved quality of sleep from therapy used earlier in the day. With regular use, WBC can have a significant effect on improving sleep and ultimately the way you feel daily.


REBALANCE® Impulse is a non-invasive mental wellness and neuro-relaxation machine that focuses on neuroscience by using sound and visual stimulation to interact with the nervous system. Combined neurofeedback and biofeedback can give a greater insight into the nervous system, brain activity and the positive effects. Relaxing the body and mind can help improve sleep, reduce stress and improve quality of life. Studies have shown that continual use not only showed a strong improvement in sleep quality but also promptness in obtaining restorative sleep.


Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also known as MHBOT uses oxygen that is available in a pressurised environment to increase oxygen by 35% and to flow through the body via the red blood cells. When the Airpod is pressurised, oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma, increasing oxygen concentration and enabling it to permeate tissue and cells. This increases energy to support the body which helps improve and deepen the overall quality of sleep.


Infrared saunas can help with detox, improve blood and oxygen circulation, and increase mitochondria function which all assists in better sleep. Sunlighten can assist by lowering the bodies temperature at night and get the body ready for sleep. By bringing heat to the surface of the skin, it can help cool down the body’s overall temperature. By doing this, it can also decrease levels of cortisol (which create daily stress) and increase relaxation which also has an impact on better sleep. Many people that have used Sunlighten saunas regularly, have reported the positive effects it’s had on their sleep.


Other than the four solutions that previously mentioned, there are other ways to improve quality of sleep. Here are a few more solutions that help.

EXERCISE – Regular physical exercise is known to be a key factor when it comes to improved sleep and health. However, it is recommended to avoid exercise late at night.

SLEEP SCHEDULE – Adults do not need more than eight-hours of sleep. Going to bed and waking up the same time everyday helps the body to keep consistent sleep/wake cycles.

EATING HEALTHY – Changing the way you eat and starting a healthier lifestyle with a balanced diet can also contribute to improved sleep. However, eating large meals before bed can produce poor sleep and hormone interruptions. Water and hydration also play an important role in healthy eating, but it would be recommended not to drink too much water before bed.

RESTFUL ENVIROMENT – Keep your room cool, dark and quiet before you go to bed. This will create a calm and tranquil environment in the room which will help with relaxation and promote better sleep.

MEDITATION – Techniques like meditation relaxes the body and mind and is considered another popular way to improve sleep. Doing these techniques before bed may help you fall asleep quicker.


As we’ve shown here, there are many solutions that can help improve your quality of sleep. For more information on our solutions and how our range of products can help you or your business contact us here.

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