With over 18 years’ in the industry, RP-X currently stands in a unique position having gained the experience, knowledge and opportunity to investigate the best resources, fine tune all the processes and truly deliver full turnkey solutions. Our aim is focused on our customers, to provide inspired solutions that makes a difference and offer a service that no one else can for personal and commercial installations.

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In this article we will look at the various product and turnkey solutions that RP-X offers. 

Working with leading suppliers to deliver the latest technology for fitness, health and wellness. RP-X offers a wide range of solutions from whole-body recovery, rejuvenation, mental wellbeing, relaxation and so much more.


Whole body cryotherapy is also known as WBC uses extremely cold conditions to trigger a physiological response from the body. It involves standing in an electric cryo chamber for a few minutes and briefly exposing the body to extremely cold air. Cryotherapy can help reduce inflammation, decrease stress, improve sleep, enhance immune function & speed up recovery. Mecotec’s cryoair & cryo:one series provide electric-powered whole body cryotherapy chambers with temperatures ranging from -85°C to -110°C which is proven to have a positive effect.


Neurotechnology focuses on neuroscience with sound & visual stimulation interacting with the nervous system. Combining this with neurofeedback & biofeedback provides greater insight into the nervous system, brain activity & the positive effect this technology delivers. By using neurotechnology, it can help reduce stress & improve quality of life. REBALANCE® Impulse is a non-invasive Mental Wellness & Neuro-Relaxation machine that involves a stimulation and cognitive training device based on applied neuroscience. It is mainly devoted to fighting chronic stress, improving sleep quality, and enhancing vitality.


The AirPod is a safe, non-medical wellness device that uses Hyperbaric Oxygen and Hydrogen therapy. This therapy is also known as hydroxy which is a combination of increased oxygen and molecular hydrogen that is dissolved in the blood plasma, providing a dual carrier system in the body that increases the oxygen saturation levels up to 35% under pressure. Hydroxy therapy is essential for increased energy, supports recovery and healing, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, disease prevention and anti-ageing to name a few.


Sunlighten infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Using solo carbon technology it has the ability to penetrate human tissue and raise the core body temperature nearly 3 degrees which in turn produces a host of health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” home therapies for overall healthier living. These saunas help eliminate toxins, adding support to the healing process. 


Mecotec cryoair provide electric devices for localised cryotherapy which is designed to provide extremely cold air with temperatures ranging from -32°C and -60°C to specific areas of the body. The applicator is placed over a specific area of the body that requires attention & cold air is applied with continued movement. It helps for pain relief, inflammation & injury recovery.


MECOTEC’s cryoair facial provides a non-invasive facial device that provides cold air to help tone tissue for amazing results in reduced wrinkles, fresher-looking skin and anti-ageing effects, such as lifting, tightening, and regeneration of the skin. 10 minutes of gentle cryogenically cooled air activates the collagen production in the deeper levels of the skin, increasing the skin's capacity to feel rejuvenated, regain elasticity, appear smoother and bring forth a youthful glow.


Cellumassage uses a combination of aspiration & percussion. Aspiration frees drainage circuits, then the percussion triggers a mechanical shock-wave & compresses the tissues. Celliss uses this method that features the T.S.S technology provides the ONLY solution capable of treating 5000 cm2 of the body’s surface at the same time. The adjustable & adaptable aspiration/percussion cycle, with variable intensities & speeds, massages both adipose & muscular tissue in 3 dimensions. It provides muscle recovery, improves skin appearance, improves venous & lymphatic circuits, reshapes the silhouette and tones the thighs, stomach and buttocks.

There are other solutions that RP-X promotes that can be found listed on our website www.rp-x.com 

While we take pride in the solutions that we offer to our customers, we also take pride in our service. We offer a full turnkey solution that includes but not limited to free quotes, free design videos, free consultations and site visits as well as delivery, installation, full training, after sales customer service and maintenance support service by our UK based team that have over 20 years of technical experience.

If you are looking to invest in one or many of our solutions, we do offer various finance options that include Leasing or start-up business loans. Book your free consultation and enquire now to learn more about our solutions, services and how we can make a difference to you or your business. Alternatively, you can email us at info@rp-x.com or call us on 01234 862 762.


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